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5 months ago

New limited-edition Packathon swag

We've been so excited by the number of people that have registered for the Coda Packathon, and it's been exciting to see the first entries roll in.

As with any project getting started is the hardest part, and to give you some additional motivation to get that first Pack out the door we're introducing some custom Packathon swag! If you are one of the first 100 people to submit an eligible entry you'll get a sweet Coda Packathon mug and laptop sticker.

Your Pack doesn't need to be a masterpiece to qualify, as long as meets the rules you're golden.

If you’ve been meaning to build a Pack but are having some writers block, here are a few sources of inspiration to consider:

  • Request a pack - A list of our most requested Packs, voted on by Coda users.
  • - A collection of public APIs, ranging from business critical to purely silly.

As of this post there are still 22 days left to get your entry in, so it’s not too late to get started!