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4 months ago

Launched: Sell your Packs in the Coda Gallery

We started the Coda Packathon to celebrate the launch of the Pack Studio, allowing makers to customize Coda’s building blocks for themselves, their team, and the maker community. Now, we’re taking it a step further. You can turn your Packs into cash by selling monthly subscriptions in the Gallery.

The Pack marketplace means you can build Packs in the Pack Studio, publish and sell them in the Gallery, earn cash from your published docs through the affiliate program, and measure success along the way with our built-in analytics.

How to get started

Selling Packs is simple. Complete this signup form to get started. Once you’re approved, you can add pricing to your Pack in the Listing section of the Pack Studio. Simply select the price per maker, per month you would like to charge, and add a 14-day free trial to give your installers a taste. Save and publish your Pack to the Gallery, and you’re in business.

What’s next

You don’t have to publish or sell your Pack to participate in the Packathon. Publishing to the Coda Gallery lets anyone access your creations, meaning your docs and Packs can be used by the 25,000+ teams that run on Coda and beyond. Now that you’ve built your first Pack, we hope you’ll turn what you’ve built into cash—and maybe even a full-fledged business on Coda.

To learn more about selling Packs in the Gallery, read our Help Center article. And complete this application to sell your Packs in the Gallery!