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about 1 year ago

Project Gallery and Community Choice

The submission period for the Packathon concluded yesterday, and we were blown away by how many great Packs you all created. You can see the full list of submissions in the Project Gallery:

Additionally, if you want to cast your vote for the Community Choice award, you can do that in this doc:

You can vote for as many Packs as you'd like, and you can check the "Leaderboard" tab at the top to see which Packs are currently in the lead. And if one of your Packs is in the running, feel free to send that link to your network to boost your vote count.

The official judging period has begun, and we'll announce the winners on August 24th. If you qualified for the Packathon swag (mug and sticker) we'll be sending you an email soon with more information.